The Secret To Healing NOW

Suffering with Anxiety and Depression is something that I would not wish on anyone. It truly makes even the simplest tasks feel like the impossible. We get stuck in this perpetual state of feeling like we are forever trapped within the limitations of our thoughts and our low self worth sinking with every hesitation we make through out our day. I just want to tell you that I am no one special, I am not super woman, I am not a super hardcore, all in type of woman and if I can heal from this…I really mean it, you can and you WILL too. 

What you feel right here, right now, is only this very seconds reality and that can shift quite easier then you think. You see, for complicated situations, we always seem to assume that only complicated solutions will fix this ailment. I am living proof that nothing has to be complicated about your healing. Yes, I will be upfront and tell you that it does take time, it does take consistency but I will not sit here and tell you that it is impossible. Healing is a natural progression. Healing is not forced, it is not only for the super strong, it is for everyone. Healing happens even when we are not actively pursuing it and it is a beautiful ability that humans have. We were made to be resilient and self heal over time. So allow yourself to feel it, celebrate it and embrace that you can be better then you were yesterday and over time you will not only see a positive change but a huge transformation.

So many of us are used to envisioning this super perfect idea of who we “should “ be in order to be “healed” or happy but the truth about it all is the fact that healing happens the very second you decide you want to do better. That very thought starts a process of knowing and feeling that you are in fact worth a better life. Even in those tiny thoughts, you will find small acts of self love that all add up and contribute to a huge transformation. Self love does not necessarily mean looking in the mirror each morning and saying you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are this or that (of course yes that helps too) but there is so much more to self love that we need to celebrate and realize we are already healing within these tiny triumphs.

Are you guys ready for the secret to healing NOW? If so, I actually want you to say out loud “I AM READY TO HEAL MY LIFE NOW” declare it to the Universe and speak it in to existence. Okay here it is….

The secret to healing now, is to accept yourself right now, as you are. You may not feel like life is “ideal” right now with the challenges and struggles that you face but I need you to know that being hard on yourself for having a hard time, stalls your healing. Not supporting yourself and accepting yourself as broken as you may feel or think that you are, will hold you back. Nothing catapults you further in to your healing journey then taking a hard look at yourself and saying “I am doing the best I can with what I have right now and that is more than enough”. You can not NOT love yourself right now and expect to love yourself later on when you have certain terms and conditions met for yourself. It doesn’t work that way. Yes you can want to improve certain aspects of your life and work diligently towards that but you need to know that true happiness is absolutely 100 percent an inside job. Love the essence of who you are, love the silly things you do, love the way you do certain things, love the talents that you have, love the things that you are passionate about, love the things that make you unique and make you YOU. 

Healing means accepting that you are absolutely capable of being anything you want to be but realizing that you are all you need to be in this moment. 

I don’t know about you…but for me, anxiety stemmed from a life devoid of love from myself. That changed as soon as I stopped trying to force healing and stopped putting conditions on my happiness like “I will be happier when my body looks this way” or “I will be happier when I can do this on my own” etc. I kept putting these limitations on my happiness and that in turn blocked me from feeling fulfilled right here, right now and it stopped me from living in the present moment. That kept causing me anxiety because I was either thinking way too far ahead in the future or way back in the past. I have control over none of those things and the only thing I had and have control over is this very present moment. This present moment is where our power lies and in this moment you have the ability to change your life drastically for the better and it all starts with a single decision to accept yourself with who you are as you are. Can you do that for me? No…wait…can you do that for YOU?

You think you are longing to be loved and accepted by others but in actuality you are longing to be loved by YOURSELF. You feel lonely, you feel alone in this but you are never ever alone because I truly believe and KNOW that this Universe, God, Source, whatever beautiful term that feels right to you, is ALWAYS with us, loving us, guiding us, protecting us and lining us up with opportunities to help and heal our life. The thing is, you have to love yourself enough right now to know that you are worth those opportunities. You are worth your love, you are worth your time and effort and you are worth living the best life possible. Start your healing there…with wanting and knowing you are worth everything this world has to offer. Live it, feel it and watch your natural healing progression happen with self love and patience. This does not have to be complicated. You can not fail, this is your life and you have been given this gift so please make the rest of your life…the best of your life STARTING NOW.


Sending so much love and healing your way,



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  1. Kelly Solomon on March 22, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    My dearest Leigha do we have the same brain??? I know we don’t but you have been thinking the same as I have lately! You know what they say about great minds thinking alike❤❤❤❤
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