Life With Anxiety

If you are reading this you are probably at your breaking point and fed up with battling Anxiety. You are all too familiar with constant hesitation before committing to any plans, nervousness around any new people and avoiding social situations at all costs. You are sick of having to overthink everything that could possibly go wrong before you even walk through the door. Life feels hard for you. Hard in the sense that you cannot just live your life effortlessly and with out shame and guilt taking over. Intimidation is a constant state of being and you feel weak when considering what you can handle. Emotionally you are exhausted and completely drained. You have low energy and minimal to no excitement when it comes to thinking about what tomorrow could bring. Feeling empty is your norm and when you are full, it is usually negative emotions that are taking up space in your mind and in your heart. You blame yourself for anything and everything that goes wrong and it is just too heavy a burden to bare.
That was me for most of my life but in the year 2012 I hit my breaking point. I was lost and I saw no way out of this constant state of Anxiety and panic. I cried more then I cared to admit and I was losing hope every single day. I started isolating myself from friends and family and retreated in to a deep depression. I reached out for help and secretly sought out Therapy. These sessions made me feel less confident that there was a way out of this. My Therapist lacked in personal experience and really didn’t understand how hard it actually was to do things that were considered normal for everyone else. She kept telling me to just DO IT. She told me things I already knew like the fact that I needed to get more sleep. How could I possibly sleep when my mind wouldn’t let me. I was so tired but my thoughts just wouldn’t shut off and allow me to rest.  Exhaustion mentally, physically and emotionally became my daily life. I felt like I was the only one in the world to ever go through this. I kept hiding my pain and struggles for fear of embarrassment and judgement. I started to feel like I was going to burst. I was coming apart at the seams and people were starting to notice. My facade was wearing thin and I had lost all control. If anyone was going to save me…I knew I had to save myself.

I did some deep, I mean DEEP searching within myself for answers and spent years figuring out what methods worked and what didn’t. I refused to take medication because the thought of medication actually was an Anxiety trigger for me. I was horrified to become dependent on it and I truly wanted to get better naturally. I had always wished I had someone who went through what I did and could hold my hand and show me the way out. I realized in that moment this was my life’s calling. I. Needed to get better not just for myself but for anyone else suffering with Anxiety. I needed to show people YOU CAN be happy, feel free and confident. My life started improving with my techniques and exercises. I started to realize that I had so much power over my life and over my emotions. I get to decide what thoughts have power over me. I choose what feelings I will allow to enter in to my heart. My soul was trying to tell me for years that I needed to trust myself and realize my worth. The Anxiety I was feeling was a result of not living my life on purpose. I was waking up everyday afraid to ask for what I wanted. Always feeling undeserving and not good enough was actually my own block I had put on my life. I unknowingly rejected amazing opportunities because my Anxiety told me I couldn’t do it. I started seeing that my Anxiety was a liar. My Anxiety was not valid and it was trying to keep  me safe by keeping me afraid.

Flash forward to 2017. I have won the battle. I have learned to manage my Anxiety and stress in a healthy way. I have never been happier in my entire life. I feel free, I feel so confident with who I am and my self love is over flowing. I have been given the gift of an extremely patient and compassionate heart which has been my strongest attribute when helping my clients transform their lives. Anxiety does not have to have control another day of your life. I am living proof that you can thrive and learn to love every part of who you are.

I am meant to help you.  I will work with you and show you each step to take. I will be there before and after you take it so that I can support you fully. I am working with clients over a period of 90 days with 2, 1 hour sessions each month with unlimited email support in between.  In these sessions we discover the root of your Anxiety and we comfortably work through exercises together at your pace to ensure that you come out of the program with full confidence knowing how to manage any Anxiety and stress. Together we create new, good habits, that enable you to enjoy your life, truly be comfortable in your own skin and be happy with who you authentically are.

To setup a free 30 minute discovery call please email me at You can choose to start living your life, anxiety free today!


With love and light,


Leigha Benson

© 2017 Life Coach Leigha