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Never Enough

Never enough….that phrase haunted me everyday as I tortured myself with these thoughts. Every mirror I passed, it felt like heart break at such a young age. I was only ten years old and I started feeling so awful about my body image. I have always been very short and skinny and the fact that…


My Secret

  I loved to have friends and enjoyed my time with them BUT…I had a secret that I kept for a very long time. Situations easily became too much for me to handle and missing school was happening often because of my SECRET. In elementary school I missed so many days that my teacher suspected…


Can I Just Live Without You…Sincerely, Me

Panic sets in and there I go…back to being your slave. I’m so nervous at just the thought of living with you, every second of my life. You’ve become so much of me that I now rely on your approval to take any steps forward, not that you would let me. You have taken complete…

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